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Hydrating BCAA & EAA Formula - Phase One Nutrition Amino-Phase

If you're looking for a brand new EAA & BCAA formula, look no further. Phase One Nutrition Amino-Phase will provide you with extreme hydration & tons of EAA's & BCAA's. Phase One's Amino-Phase will help to provide relief from post-workout soreness & speed up recovery times. Amino-Phase can be taking before, during, or after a tough day in the gym & comes in delicious flavors: Blue Freeze & Peach Rings. Up your hydration level today. Pick up a tub. Introducing Phase One Nutrition Amino-Phase!!

Phase One Nutrition Amino-Phase Benefits

  • Provides Extreme Hydration
  • Contains Tons Of BCAA's & EAA's 
  • Delicious & Refreshing Tasting Flavors
  • Promotes Faster Post-Workout Recovery Times
  • Easy Travel & On-The-Go Formula
  • Perfect Of Pre, Intra, Or Post Workout Drink
  • Helps To Relieve Soreness Quicker After A Workout

Phase One Nutrition Amino-Phase Flavors

  • Peach Rings
  • Blue Freeze

How Do I Take Phase One Nutrition Amino-Phase?

Phase One Nutrition recommends mixing one (1) scoop of Amino-Phase with 10-12 ounces of Water before, during, or after your workout.

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