Once you complete the order, please allow 24 hours, from when your order ships, for your points to appear in your shopteamprime.com account.

Redeeming your hard-earned points is easy! Simply log into your account and click the redeem now button.

Only one promo and/or discount code can be applied
on an order, no exceptions. Points and a discount code cannot both be
used on one order.

Yes! After the item is marked as returned in our system, the points used for this discount will return to your account.

Sign in to your Youngla account and view the rewards page to view what tier you fall under.

No, you will start earning points from the date you signed up to the rewards program.

If you are eligible for a tier upgrade, the tier
upgrade will not appear or become valid until 21 days after your order
is marked as delivered to you.

No, we are unable to combine points from multiple accounts.