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VitaForm Multi-Vitamin for Women Description from Allmax Nutrition
VITAFORM for Active Women is a cut above the standard multi-vitamin and designed for the needs of active individuals looking to perform at the highest levels.

Specifically formulated with key vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients to support women's health: mental focus; metabolism; anti-aging; immunity; and bones & joints.

VITAFORM for Women is a powerful formulation. Contains 100% or more of required Daily Values including:
-100% DV of Vitamin C in 2 highly bioavailable forms
-100% DV of Vitamin D3
-343% of DV of Chromium
-500 mg of Calcium
-Powerful high-ORAC antioxidant blend for better elimination of free radicals.
-Combats stress
-Improves mental focus and mood
-Supports metabolism
-Helps with anti-aging
-Supports bone health & decreases risk of osteoporosis
-Provides additional electrolytes
-Strengthens immune function
-Supports healthy thyroid function
-Helps with red blood cell formation

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