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The revolutionary offspring that takes our top selling, award winning Superhuman pre workout and combines itĀ with NEW fat burning ingredients into oneĀ never-before-done formula...Ā SuperHuman Burn gives you the power toĀ help youĀ fatĀ andĀ helpĀ build lean muscle massĀ at the same timeĀ in a unique pre-workout experience like no other.ā€ 

  • Clean, dual-sourced energy that lasts all day without the nasty crash.ā€ 
  • Maximizes the juiciest pumps so you can say hello to veins you never knew existed!
  • Dual-patented ingredients to ensure your body receives the maximum benefits.Ā Ā 

SuperHuman Burn is packed withĀ 7 powerful patented ingredients...

Each 2 scoops of SuperHuman BurnĀ contains clinical dosesĀ of these premium powerhouses:

  • 500 mgĀ of MitoBurnā„¢
  • 100 mgĀ of CocoabuterolĀ®
  • 100 mgĀ of Advantra ZĀ®
  • 100 mgĀ of Infinergyā„¢ DiCaffeine Malate
  • 40 mgĀ of CaloriBurn GPā„¢
  • 25 mgĀ of AstraGinĀ®
  • 5 mgĀ of BioPerineĀ®

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