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Take control of estrogen with Eradicate by Blackstone Labs and get the lean, dry and hard muscle that turns heads inside and out of the gym!!!


How is estrogen holding you back from getting lean and hard muscle?

In men it is normal to have estrogen, but estrogen causes your body to hold water, which ultimately prevents your muscle definition from being visible, but that's only the beginning. 

When your estrogen levels are high, it causes water bloating, increases in fat (specifically in the abdominal area, probably why its so hard to get that 6 pack), and it decreases your testosterone - not that easy to build muscle with low testosterone. 

Blackstone Labs didn't name their product Eradicate for fun, it's key ingredient Arimistane is a monster estrogen reducer known for eradicating estrogen!

You see, estrogen production is caused by an enzyme called Aromatase, which converts your testosterone to estrogen. Arimistane is known as a "Suicide Aromatase Inhibitor" as it binds itself to this enzyme, preventing it from converting your testosterone to estrogen and it decreases your circulating levels of estrogen.

That means you are left with higher testosterone, a boosted libido, increased muscle hardness, as well as a reduction in body fat and water retention!

If you happen to be running a hardcore anabolic cycle estrogen control is a must to prevent high estrogen related side effects like Gyno! Eradicate that possibility!

Get a control of estrogen and get on your way to building a lean, hard and shredded physique with Eradicate by Blackstone Labs! Get it Now! 

What are the Key Benefits of Using Eradicate?

- Promotes Increased Muscle Hardness

- Helps Increase Vascularity

- Helps Boost Libido

- Helps Increase Luteinizing hormone

- Promotes Increases in Testosterone

- Helps Reduce Cortisol

What is the Key Ingredient in Eradicate?

Arimistane: A natural compound that is a metabolite of DHEA, Arimistane is known as an "aromatase inhibitor." Aromatase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, as an inhibitor of aromatase, Arimistane binds to the aromatase enzyme preventing it from converting your testosterone into estrogen. This prevents the production of excess estrogen and also results in higher testosterone levels, as by preventing the conversion to estrogen, your body's testosterone levels remain higher.  Additionally, it helps to reduce cortisol, which is a hormone that actually causes muscle catabolism and increases in fat. As a standalone ingredient Arimistane helps to increase muscle hardness and reduce body fat and water retention.

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