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If you are looking to supplement your daily health regime and drop pounds and inches while bettering your body, the evolution of detoxification is here. The harsh reality is that over time our bodies build up toxins, waste, plaque and mucus in our gastro intestinal tracts that can have an array of side effects and leave you struggling for optimum health. Quite frankly, with the abundance of preserved and frozen foods, diets full of sodium, sugars, fast foods, and lacking ample amounts of roughage and fiber regularly, EVERYONE NEEDS TO DETOX.

With the average individual walking around with 4-20 pounds of toxic, fecal plaque buildup in the intestinal and digestive tract, not to mention harmful chemicals and pollutants from our food that can be harmful to us as well, the body cannot function at its best, and you are left with bloating, a hindered metabolism, a protruding waistline, poor organ health, an inability to properly digest daily nutrition, a weaker immune system, a congested liver that is unable to filter properly, and the list goes on. For a total organ and blood detoxification, purification, and gastro intestinal cleansing, Intek Detox Evolution will have your body back in better health and thanking you in no time.


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