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  • Stimulant Free Formula
  • Targets Stubborn Body Fat*
  • Promotes Weight Management*
  • Raises Body Temperature*
  • Potent Carnitine Matrix
  • Out of this world flavor


AstroFlav Amino


Astro Amino is a scientifically formulated essential amino acid (EAA) blend perfectly engineered to support muscle recovery and growth. Our blend of EAAs, including the three critical BCAAs, has been calibrated to mimic the EAA composition found in human skeletal muscle tissue. In other words, the ratio of EAAs in Astro Amino is designed to match what's in your muscle.* 

In addition, Astro Amino contains a blend of four critical electrolytes developed to match the approximate ratio of key minerals lost in sweat during high-intensity training. The result is an advanced hydration blend made to deliver what you need during exercise.* 

Proudly crafted with natural flavors and no colors, Astro Amino contains a perfectly designed, science-backed blend of EAAs and electrolytes that help fuel your hydration and recovery.*


DB Goddess

We understand the specific challenges that stand in your way as a woman. That's why we’ve developed 1-Db Goddess®, the industry leading thermogenic fat loss formula specifically designed and balanced with the female body in mind.

  • Maximize Fat Loss
  • Control Appetite & Destroy Cravings
  • Extreme Energy & Focus
  • Elevate Mood

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