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L(3033) LGD by Matrix Labs provides 60x 10mg LGD-3033. Pharmaceutical Grade Quality


LGD 3303 is relatively new in the market. It belongs to the class of Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs which offer results, similar to the anabolic steroids without showcasing any potential side effects.

LGD 3303 has become the number one choice of people for reducing weight. It plays an eminent role in mass gain and enhancing the overall strength of an individual. This androgen receptor modulator offers flawless oral bioavailability. As you intake the same, it binds to the androgen receptor, having higher selectivity and affinity. Thus, it leads to a rise in muscle size and strength.

  • Enhance bone density
  • Increased muscle activity
  • Radical size gains
  • Reductions in body fat

LGD 3303 is useful in enhancing bone density, muscle activity, and muscle mass. Thus, it is considered to be a perfect option for bodybuilders. Though it enhances the building of muscles, it aids in the strengthening of the bones. Whether you are looking forward to cutting or bulking, your bones should be able to withstand such pressure and LGD 3303 helps in achieving that.

It is known to impart androgenic action without having any positive impact on androgenic organs. It is certainly a big benefit, primarily when you compare LGD 3303 with the steroids, having a wide array of negative impacts. This supplement is useful in boosting metabolism. It is also useful in bringing an improvement in metabolic action.

In case you are looking for a supplement for reducing the stubborn fat, you can make use of this SARM. You can also stack the same with several other SARMS. It is considered to be a potential benefit as it helps in boosting the bulking results. Thus, if you intend to make use of multiple supplements at once, you can refer to this LGD-3033.

It does not come with any virilization risks, indicating that it is safe for women as well. It does not have any effect on the prostate gland size. In addition to this, it does not impact the production of natural testosterone.

Though LGD 3303 does not exhibit multiple side effects, they still exist. As it is highly suppressive, it can exhibit testosterone suppression symptoms which are inclusive of enhanced fatigue, swelling of breast tissues, reduction in the body hair, hot flashes, changes in mood and low sex drive. In case you notice any of the symptoms at the time of LGD 3303 cycle, you will require a full PCT post cycle.

It might be a good idea to have an aromatase inhibitors during cycle for the prevention of gynecomastia as well as other symptoms, related to estrogen.


LGD 3303 is known to have the shorter half-life of almost six hours. It indicates that you need to intake more frequent dosage with an eye to maintaining the concentration of this product in the blood during the day

10 mg of LGD 3303 on a daily basis. The best-recommended dosage of LGD 3303 is 20 mg daily. In case you are looking forward to reducing weight, you need to intake 15-20 mg of this sarm during the cycle of six to eight weeks.

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