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When you workout, your body goes through an amazing process. First, during exercise you are destroying your muscle fibers and tissue. Now this sounds like a bad thing, right? But not so fast. Your body reacts to this stress by rebuilding itself better and stronger than before, to deal with that stress more effectively in the future! During this rebuilding phase, we can help our body recover even stronger by feeding it certain nutrients after a workout.

Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is the process of rebuilding the muscle tissue that has been damaged. This muscle tissue is made up of proteins and this is where Superior Protein steps in and gives your body a major boost!


As I said before, Superior protein utilizes a protein blend of Whey Protein Concentrate and Micellar Casein to increase the benefits.

But what the heck does that mean? Isn’t all protein the same? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Whey Protein Concentrate is a quicker digesting protein full of amino acids and nutrients. It is also absorbed very quickly which is critical right now.

*NOTE* Superior Protein uses WPC80. 13.7g of it yields 80% protein (10.96g) so the formula reflects the TRUE amount of protein found in the formula and DOES NOT include the part that does not contain protein.

(Visual Pathway #5 Concentrates>Isolates)

Eventually WPC80 will run out of nutrients and your body will not be fully recovered. This is where the baton is passed to Casein, a slower digesting powerhouse full of amino acids and nutrients that can last hours longer than WPC80.

Think of Casein as the Tortoise and Concentrate as the Hare. When you combine the two you get a longer lasting and more effective recovery period than you would using them separately.

(Visual Pathway #2 Fast/Slow Digestion)

That sounds awesome, right?

But wait, there’s some potential problems (but don’t worry we got this covered!)


Proper digestion is always tricky with supplements and specifically protein. Why drink protein if your body can’t properly break it down and digest it?

In steps scientifically backed Digezyme which has been shown to increase protein absorption.

Think of Digezyme as a protein producing jackhammer. As protein is ingested, Digezyme smashes it down into much smaller particles allowing for easier and more effective digestion.

(Visual #3 Digestion)

Superior Protein also contains two ingredients scientifically proven to increase MPS (brick building) and lean muscle mass when combined with whey protein.


Velositol supercharges Muscle Protein Synthesis. Recent clinical data showed a 47% increase in MPS for a 20g serving of protein when Velositol was added. This makes the muscle tissue repair system even more powerful and efficient. Users will experience lean muscle gains and fat loss through this process.


PharmaGABA is the other addition and it has been shown to increase lean muscle mass by 817% (no that is not a typo!) over whey protein alone.

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